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Taking you to the top of the class with our comprehensive study pack!

Explosives in Quarrying Book

Good blasting doesn't just happen - it is the result of a sound blast design, professionally executed. This book provides advice and direction as to how to achieve this.

There are many factors which have a bearing on the outcome of a blast. Regulation and legislation require operators to include sufficient information to verify that the physical parameters of the blast are accurately measured and recorded and have taken into account the geotechnical considerations.

Written by: Jan Cordon and Ian Christie

Health and Safety Law in Quarries Book

Legislation on occupational health and safety applies in all sectors of the quarrying industry often presenting managers and other responsible persons with difficulties of interpretation. This book aims to present the main points of quarry legislation in a readable form.

The legislation is presented according to the impact of the Act or Regulation on the everyday working of a quarry beginning with those having the broadest scope. The discussion of each piece of legislation makes reference to the relevant Approved Codes of Practice and Guidance where they exist and in some cases is illustrated through court rulings.

Written by: Eric Darlow

Environmental Management Book

This handbook was conceived at a time when the environmental performance of the quarrying industry was under scrutiny. Many operating companies were looking to implementing environmental management systems and standards such as ISO14001.

It has become even more relevant since the introduction of the Aggregates Levy. Every site manager must strive to be a good neighbour and to establish a good relationship with the local community in addition to complying with many regulations and conditions of planning consents.

Edited by: Dr Miles Watkins and Dr Mike Smith

Crushing and Screening Book

As well as covering the priciples of the operation of the crushing and screening processes, this book also addresses the health and safety aspects of plant operation and the technical aspects of recycled aggregates.

Utilising crushing and screening effectively can make a major contribuition to the overall site performance and profitability. This book will provide the reader with useful advice covering the capacity and maintenance of equipment as well as identifying faults.

Written by: Mr Ken Rothery and Mr Steve Mellor

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